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Jezh Technologies, innovation meets compassion as we pioneer groundbreaking solutions for a safer and healthier world.

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  1. Healthcare Revolution
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Join us on this exciting journey towards a smarter, safer future.

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Launching soon

AI Med Coat

Introducing our AI-powered smart coat: a breakthrough in healthcare, seamlessly monitoring vital signs for precise diagnostics and elevating patient care with cutting-edge technology.

Launching soon

Smart Safety Helmet

Empower your workforce with our Smart Safety Helmet – Packed with IoT technology, it monitors vital signs, detects environmental hazards, and ensures a secure working environment.

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“Transforming Education: A Testament to Team Excellence and Technological Innovation”

“I take great pride in the exceptional work undertaken by the team on the Dakshin Sahodaya Schools Complex website. Their expertise shines through, delivering a polished and impactful online presence that truly showcases their skills. The Electronic Voting Machine initiative led by the team has been instrumental in fostering seamless and efficient elections at both Adarsh Vidya Kendra and Rojavanam International School has greatly enhanced the electoral process. Jezh Technology’s Robo Fun initiative is leaving a positive imprint by nurturing AI skills among students across schools. Their commitment to fostering technological literacy is evident, making a significant impact on the landscape.”

Mr.Binumon V.R

Senior Principal

– Jezh Technologies

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